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Terms and conditions - SaudiVisa.ae

The terms and conditions provided below can be considered as a legally binding agreement between you, i.e., the client and us, i.e., Saudivisa.ae. When you use the services provided by www.Saudivisa.ae, you also give us consent to book the visa package or product that suits your requirement. Hence, it is extremely crucial that you read all the terms and conditions carefully before you opt for our services.

Scope & Procedures

Saudivisa.ae’s visa services are available to all nationals, especially those residing in the UAE. However, we do not provide visa services to citizens of Qatar and Azerbaijan. All other nationals can contact us for any kind of visa services.

The visa experts at Saudivisa.ae offer end-to-end visa services. We not only help you to choose the appropriate visa package but also guide you with the documentation and visa submission processes. We strive to ensure that you get your vis on time. Still, Saudivisa.ae cannot be held responsible if the visa application is rejected or the process is delayed to one of the below mentioned reasons (not limited to them):

  • Visa application form is incomplete
  • Supporting documents are missing or ambiguous
  • Information is missing or false
  • Airline tickets are not booked

If you incur any kind of loss due to one or more of the above-mentioned reasons, Saudivisa.ae cannot be held responsible for the same. If you need help with booking airline tickets, we can help you with the same. However, unless the visa rules of the country you are flying to specify the same, it is best to book your airline tickets after you get your visa. An important thing to check is if you need to get on a transit flight to reach your final destination. In this case, you also need to enquire whether you need a transit visa, as the transit visa rules are different for every country.

2. Documentation

You have the responsibility to ensure that all documents are in order before you plan your trip to Saudi Arabia and apply for a visa. Your passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of returning from the country. This is extremely important, as if you have less than 6 months’ validity, your Saudi Arabia visa application may get rejected.

If you want your visa application to be processed quickly, you need to send all the supporting documents within the time period provided to you. Moreover, when you send the documents to us, you also agree to the clause that Saudivisa.ae would return these documents only after the visa procedures are completed by the visa issuing authority.

The date and time of the visa interview is provided by the consulate or embassy on first-come-first-serve basis. However, the dates can be changed if we do not receive all the required documents.

Saudivisa.ae will return all the documents, including the passport, travel insurance, flight voucher, hotel voucher, NOC or self-introduction letter, etc., once the application process is complete. Once you receive them, it becomes your responsibility to acknowledge the receipt for the same via email. If you do not send an email on the same day you receive the documents, you would not be able to make any changes for free. An additional charge will be applied if you want to make any changes after this. The same-day notification also becomes important if there is any discrepancy in your documentation. If you do not notify this on the same day, we could consider that you have accepted the visa as it is. We cannot be held responsible for any delays or losses incurred due to the delay of notification from your side.

We also expect our clients to inform us in advance if there are any changes in their travel plans or if they are any additional requirements. We cannot be held responsible if there are delays or problems caused by this.

3. Fee and Payment Mode

The visa fee mentioned on our website includes both the determined by the visa issuing authority as well as Saudivisa.ae’s visa service charges. This payment can be done via credit card, debit card, or online bank transfer. The payment should be made in such a way that it can be billed and processed immediately. The processing fee and the visa application requirements may change without any prior notice.

4. Processing Time

The visa processing time mentioned on the website is an an estimate that we have derived based on the experience we have had with consulates and embassies. The visa process starts on the day we receive your visa application and documents. The immigration office works from Sunday to Thursday. It remains closed during Friday and Saturday as well as public holidays. Moreover, the Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate in the UAE may remain closed without any prior notice. In other words, there could be delays in your visa application process due to the above reasons. Hence, Saudivisa.ae should not be held responsible for delay in your Saudi Arabia visa approval.

5. Visa Approval and Rejection

The sole responsibility of Saudivisa.ae is to submit your application form along with the documents to the Saudi Embassy or Consulate. We do not have any authority regarding the acceptance or rejection of your visa application. The visa evaluation and processing are done by the visa issuing authority. Only the embassy has the sole right to approve or reject your visa application. We do not have any legal authority to approve your Saudi Arabia visa.

6. Cancellation and Refund Policies

An important thing to remember is that the visa fee is not refundable even if the application is rejected. In case you cancel your visa application before it goes to the embassy, the processing fee would be refunded to you. However, Saudivisa.ae has the authority to only provide partial refund, as the rest would be used for administration, banking, and service charges.

Once your visa application is submitted at the Saudi Arabia embassy, we cannot be held responsible for delay or refund that happened due to the change in visa policies.

To cancel your visa application, you need to log into your Saudivisa.ae account and select the option of cancel or delete. In case your application is more than a month old, you would not get a credit card payment refund. Rather, we would provide you with a service credit, which you can use while applying for any other visa through Saudivisa.ae only.

The information provided on the visa packages, including their prices can be altered or changed without providing any prior notice. Hence, you must check our website occasionally to be up to date with our terms and conditions.

7. Use of Intellectual Property

All parts and elements of this website, including the written content, information, images, text, etc., are the property of saudiarabia.ae. Everything on this website is protected by copyright laws. In other words, we can limit or stop the access to any or all parts of the website, without any prior warning or notification.

Our clients or visitors are free to explore the website and access the content available. However, no one has the right to copy, alter, publish, sell, or repost any of the content available here. Moreover, any illegal use of the logo, company name, trademark, etc., can lead to penalties.

www.saudiarabivisa.ae cannot be held responsible for any content on the websites that are linked with ours. You must click on these links at your own risk.

8. Applicable Law & language

The terms and conditions mentioned on this page are applicable by UAE law. In case a dispute arises between the client and Saudivisa.ae, it will be resolved through the jurisdiction of the UAE federal courts.

Each and every correspondence regarding the Saudi Arabia visa should be done in English language only. Saudivisa.ae cannot be held responsible for the errors or spelling mistakes in any of the documents that are not in English.

9. Indemnify

When you choose Saudivisa.ae for our visa services, you also agree to indemnify us against any losses, expense, or damage caused due to:

  • Fraudulent act you or your employees or representatives
  • Encroachment of our terms and conditions
  • Claim, action, or proceeding by a third party against Saudivisa.ae due to breaches or misrepresentations from your side.

10. Disclaimer

Saudivisa.ae and our suppliers, contracts, and partners do not claim that the materials or content available on the website are 100% comprehensive, perfect, or up to date. While we ensure that the content on the website is completely accurate, the chances of errors are not zero. We cannot provide any warranty to the information, service packages, and software listed on the website, including any implied of express contract of merchantability and non-encroachment.

Saudiarabiabvisa.ae does not provide any guarantee that the products or services packages present on the website are error or virus-free. We also cannot provide any guarantee that all your requirements would be fulfilled. Nevertheless, we promise to strive to provide you with a hassle-free as well as safe booking experience using the latest technological innovations.

11. Complaints

In case you want to post a query or even register a complaint as regards to our visa services, you can contact our team at +971 42087543. Once you have submitted the application, you agree that you will not post any negative feedback or complaint regarding rejection or delay of visa application caused due to the Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate on any of the social media pages, without taking a written permission from Saudivisa.ae.